Fortner's Hedgie Hangout
Hedgehog Baby's
Available  Baby's
We do offer Delivery to some
areas please email or call
first if needing your Hedgie
delivered. .
We hold our baby Hedgie's a lot
and we print out a Pedigree so
you know the Background of our
new baby for you. for a small fee
NEW !!! We made a website page
just for Hedgie babys with pictures
please go to :
 Baby Hedgies Click
Here Hedgie Baby's
Click on the web site link
above (it will take you to
our other website) to Place
your deposit to hold your
Baby today!
Just click the
Pay now and Paypal will let
me know you want a
Hedgie baby held for you !
Hedgehog Food
the blend we
have used for
over 20 years in
Small $ 8.78
plus Shipping
or Large Bag
1 pk Handmade Bath Bomb in a bag (great to not
get pieces in Quills) Safe for all small animals  Great
for Hedgehogs and Guinea Pigs and Small dogs

5.99 with Shipping ask for quotes on shipping
larger quanities
All Natural Sprays
Made for Hedgehogs
and Guinea pigs . We
also have a cat and
Dog line Safe Organic
no GMO ingredients
Natural Oils
We have:
Fungi Spray for
Guinea pigs & Hedgies
Calming Spray for
Hedgehogs & dogs &
No Mites spray works
great on Hedgehogs &
Dogs and Snakes
$9.99 plus Shipping